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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

We believe that spirituality only happens through community. Both friendship and fellowship are vitally important as we journey through life. To help with this, we structure our adult ministry by what we call "Family Groups" - small groups of people doing life and learning about Jesus together. Here are our family groups.

adult family groups

Family groups meet at 9:45 on Sunday mornings

College Class

Age Group: College Age
Leaders: Joseph Wicks
Room: Downstairs Summit Building


Age Group: Singles, 25+
Leader: Jason Towns
Room: G209

Set Apart

Age Group: 20's-30's
Leader: James Wiseman
Room: W309

Cross Training

Age Group: 40's
Interim Leader: Brian Arnold
Room: G113

Lost and Found

Age Group: 20's-30's
Leaders: Bob Rossiter
Room: W301


Age Group: 40's-50's
Leader: Russell Mullennix
Room: G207

The Body

Age Group: 30's-50's
Leader: Scott Seitz
Room: G202

Soul Seekers

Age Group: 40's-50's
Leaders: Pete Cyprian
Room: W205

Family Focus

Age Group: 40's-60's
Leader: Ken Donahue
Room: W302

Principle Living

Age Group:  50's
Leader: Butch Waller
Room: G206


Age Group: 55+
Leaders: Norm Schneller
Room: W201


Age Group: 55+
Leaders:  David Knowles
Room: G109

Hands of Glory (Deaf Class

Age Group: Any
Leader: Meskail Crowe
Room: G111


Age Group:  65+
Leader: Mike Mayfield
Room: W206

The Upstairs Room

Age Group: Young Adult
Leaders: Abe Miller
Room: W308

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Bible Studies

In addition to our Sunday family groups, we also have adult Bible studies that meet on Wednesday nights at 6:45.

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If you have questions about our adult ministry, please contact one of our pastoral staff members

Jon Estes

Discipleship Pastor
Jon has served in youth and music ministry for many years, and now is working with adults. He has a passion to build deep relationships with people that help them to understand and invest their value into God's work.

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